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Submission deadline


By submitting a solution to any of these challenges, you agree to the following:


Challenge 2

Team F1 score Highest F1 Score Precision Recall
kaisli 0.507 0.507 0.45 0.683
jdkangas 0.495 0.495 0.615 0.452
pqiu 0.479 0.479 0.563 0.446
Dapid 0.21 0.21 0.305 0.511

Challenge 3

Team F1 score Highest F1 Score Precision Recall
jdkangas 0.413 0.413 0.355 0.641
pqiu 0.343 0.343 0.372 0.451
Dapid auto-scoring failed N/A auto-scoring failed auto-scoring failed

Challenge test

Team F1 score Highest F1 Score Precision Recall
MartinHjelmare 0.26 0.65 0.3 0.233

Data provided by the Human Protein Atlas

Challenge hosted by

Generating results for submission

We will only score challenge 1, 2, 3 and 4. But you are welcome to submit results for the bonus challenge too. To do so, please send a short presentation (5 slides or less) to the cyto-challenge email address.

By popular demand, we have made and added a scorer for challenge 1. To submit a result for challenge 1, run you model on the images from the major13_test.tar set, and submit as for the other challenges. The scorer will extract the rows from the solution csv that only contain Mitochondria or only Nucleoli, or only Mitochondria together with Nucleoli and only score the corresponding rows in your submitted result.

Result submission instructions

Follow these instructions to submit your challenge results.

git clone
cd cyto-challenge
git remote add upstream
git remote -v
git checkout -b awesome-solution master
cp ~/my_experiments/YOUR_GIT_USERNAME_2.csv ./submissions/2/
author affiliation contact info
Martin Hjelmare Royal Institute of Technology SE-171 21 Stockholm Sweden
cp ~/my_experiments/YOUR_GIT_USERNAME_team.csv ./teams/
./gpg/ ./submissions/2/YOUR_GIT_USERNAME_2.csv
./gpg/ ./teams/YOUR_GIT_USERNAME_team.csv
git add -A
git commit -m "Add submission for challenge 2"
git push origin HEAD
git checkout master
git branch -D awesome-solution
git pull upstream master
git checkout -b another-awesome-solution master